Earning Money For Your School

Tyson Project A+

Here is another easy way to earn money for your child’s school. The Tyson Project A+ requires that you collect a minimum of 100 labels from their product packages worth .24. Your school can then redeem them for cash. This should happen pretty quickly because, what child doesn’t like chicken nuggets?

Here is the link to the Tyson site for more information:

Tyson Project  A+ site:


Can’t find what you are looking for? Use Goodsearch, and earn money for your school!

As a Mom, I am always searching for information. My child’s school told parents about this website that functions as a search engine and allows you to earn money for your school. It’s simple. Goodsearch donates 1 penny for each search you do and dontaes it to your selected charity. All you have to do is find your school on the list and select it. They also offer a Goodsearch and Gooddinning as other ways to earn money for your school. For more information please click on the link below:


Coke Rewards: A great way to earn for your school!

Ok Ladies, I know soda isn’t the best thing for us, but on occasion, it has its benefits, this being one of them. Coca Cola has a program called Coke Rewards, where if you consume their product, you can earn points to help your school. For each bottle you drink, you earn three points. There is a code under the bottle cap that you enter on the Coca Cola site to earn points. If you buy a 12 pack you earn 10 points. You earn points and can donate them to your school, which in turn can purchase items they need. There are other products made by Coca Cola that are also part of the program that are a more healthy alternative as well. Please click on the flyer below to learn more about this great program!

Coke Rewards Flyer-P


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