The Dark Side of Crowd Funding and Social Media

10 Aug

This has to be the quickest investigative report on record.  As I had mentioned in my earlier blog post, I would be doing an experiment regarding crowd funding in light of recent stories of frivolous crowd funding sites where people had raised money for ridiculous causes.

I set up an account  I figured I’d post for a week, where I stated I was looking to buy a puppy for my daughter. I stated my case as to why I felt we were deserving. Please note my daughter is getting a dog no matter what as a graduation present this year, but I figured that was the most plausible cause I could think of. I tweeted out the link. Within the first hour of posting the link, I started receiving the most vile comments you could imagine. Some of the more benign comments such as “your kid is a spoiled brat” “rot in hell,  dog hater” that I hate rescue dogs I can post here. One that was particularly frightening and was the last straw, experiment or no, was that they knew where we lived and they would let their pit bull loose when they saw my daughter outside. My daughter has been in tears and wonders why someone would attack us in such a horrible way.

Needless to say, the site is being removed. This was only supposed to be a silly little experiment to see what would happen & if anything would be contributed to a worthwhile cause as opposed to an egg sandwich which to date has raised $540. I guess the lesson to be learned is my daughter now knows that sometimes the world is not a nice place. I told the breeder I have been working with about our ordeal. She told me she is not surprised at all. I just can’t wait until graduation, and the smile on my daughter’s face when she gets her puppy. She has been very patient (has waited 8 years)!



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