Why do you Donate to GoFundMe?

8 Aug

In light of all the recent publicity of high profile stories involving crowd funding sites such as GoFundMe.com and Kickstarter.com, I decided to do a little experiment of my own to see why people do or don’t donate to certain causes and others are overlooked.

Just today, I saw an article on how a man set up a Kickstarter site to save the egg sandwich in New York City. As Francisco Bernard from Fox 5 in New York states in his article, Joseph Checkler, who works for the Wall Street Journal does not like the way the egg sandwich is made in the city and wants to deliver instructions to restaurants on how to properly make the sandwich. As of 8/8, he has received 31 backers and has raised $470 for his cause. Here is the link to his site:

As an experiment, I decided to create my own site for my cause. My daughter has been asking me for a dog for years. We have done our research and have decided on a Vizsla. We have chosen this dog due to health reasons on my part. I have severe allergies and for those reasons I can not have a shelter dog. We considered it, but it is just not an option. For the past few years, I have been in two serious car accidents, and my husband’s appendix burst. We have had unbelievable medical bills to pay. For that reason, we have delayed getting her a dog. We have finally put some money aside and will get her the dog (hopefully as a graduation present this year), but I am posting this to see what will happen and to see if people will contribute. It will be a sacrifice for us to get the dog, but it is so important that we do it.

Here is the link to my site:


I will post results as they come in. Please feel free to tell us your thoughts!



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