A Mom’s Guide to Surviving Summer Camp

7 Jul

I am sure we have all been there. There are some kids that enjoy going to summer camp, and then, there are those who would much rather sit in the AC all day in bed, on their I Pad and watch TV. Mine falls into that category……

This morning we started summer camp for the first time in two years. I decided to give my then 12 year old a break last year and let her do her thing, which was a tennis league, which worked out well. That wasn’t an option this year, so camp it was. I decided to make it easy on her; 1/2 days, with mostly swimming in the morning. How could that NOT be fun, especially when it’s hot outside? Boy, was I mistaken!

Mom to Child: 8:00 AM-time to get up.


This went on for about 10 minutes before I had to call my husband and he tried to convince the sleepy lazy child she would INDEED have FUN if she went to camp. Finally, after much pleading which eventually turned to bribery, the child was dressed, packed and ready to go.

Upon arrival at the camp, we greeted other parents with their children, and before I knew it, I was told to “get lost”. Later in the day, I arrived to pick her up. I got there a little early to spy on her and asked the counselors how she was doing. “She’s having a blast! She’s very funny!”  

Eventually she saw me and at first gave me the “I’m so mortified you’re here” look, but admitted that she was glad she came. She will be going for a few weeks here and there in between mini-trips, and I am sure she will have a great time!

The moral of the story is stick with your guns. Sometimes kids are afraid of the unknown, especially if they are going to a camp where they won’t know anyone. Tell them to try-if they are really miserable, by all means maybe give in, but tell them to give new adventures a chance. They might find out they like it!






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