A New (Fun!) Way to Help Your Kids Study!

1 Feb

child study

I think everyone has a teacher they remember who really had an impact on them in life. Mine was Mr. Klein, my 6th grade teacher. He always found ways that were fun to get us to think, whether it was a debate, or game we would play in class.

I can remember he would divide our class into two teams. We would go to the back of the class and he would ask each person from each team a question. If we answered correctly, we got to stay standing. If we got it wrong, we had to go back to our desk. Whichever team had the last person standing won, and would get some reward.

I applied that tactic last night with a twist. My daughter had a quiz on Ancient India on Friday. She had been studying but I wasn’t sure if it was really seeping in. So, I enlisted the help of my husband and had a plan. Both of them were sitting on the bed and I gave them buttons that they could push and they would make noise. My husband got the Staples “That Was Easy” button, my daughter got the Party Animal “I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night” Kiss button (thank you Hallmark!) So we were all set.

I stood in front of them and asked questions, and whoever buzzed in first got to answer the question. I felt a little like a game show host, but I think it worked, and it was fun! It ended up being a tie so they both got ice cream as a prize!

I know it’s tough out there for parents now with all the work kids have to do in school, but if you take the time to try to make it fun and tap into your creative side, it can be really beneficial to all involved.  Thank you Mr. Klein for the inspiration! I’d love to hear if anyone else has tried tactics similar. Please feel free to comment!


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