10 Rules for Children With Cell Phones

24 Jan

We all face this dilemma as parents; when do we decide to give our child a cell phone? How old is old enough? What type of phone do we get? Do we just get a basic phone or do we get something more elaborate that offers more features such as texting and web surfing?

I just got my child their first cell phone, a Tracfone. I feel she is mature enough to handle having the phone. She has it just for emergencies and only occasionally uses the text feature, with permission. I feel pre-paid phones are good beginner phones for kids. This way they feel they are gaining some independence but also learning about responsibility. When the minutes are gone, they’re gone. If more are wanted, it comes out of allowance.

I found this article by All Pro Dad that lists Cell Ph10 Rules for Children with cell phones. It is worth a read. Here is the link:





One Response to “10 Rules for Children With Cell Phones”

  1. Rebecca January 31, 2013 at 3:52 pm #

    I always figured my children would not get a cell phone until high school but now that my oldest daughter is 9 and we moved away from family we are looking to Kajeet so that she can txt back and forth with her grandparents without having to nab one of our phones all the time.

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