To Cry or Not to Cry:Should You Let Your Baby “Cry it Out” at Night?

6 Jan


crying baby

Let me begin by saying I am a worrier. I am your typical “helicopter parent” that now drives my daughter crazy. When she was a baby, and would cry at night, my  maternal instinct would always be to see what was wrong. Is it gas? Does she have a dirty diaper? Is she hungry? Is something else wrong, or does she just want us and want to be held? We would always get up to check up on her. My husband and I did not get very much sleep the first six months!

Most of the time in our situation, there was something that required us to assist (usually a dirty diaper or REALLY bad gas) but many times it was something a little more serious, like an ear infection we’d find out about the next day at the doctor.

My suggestion would be to listen to the type of cries you hear. After awhile, you will begin to learn when your baby really needs you, and when you could potentially let them “cry it out”. It took us awhile (and many sleepless nights) to figure it out; but we did.

Here is an article from that also offers some  advice.

Also, answer my poll: What do you think? Comfort or Cry it Out?


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