Skyview Elementary Sixth Grade: The True Meaning of Christmas

12 Dec

Skyview Elementary

During the holiday season, many take the time to reflect and think of others who are less fortunate. The sixth grade class at Skyview Elementary School in Eagleville, PA is no exception. Sean McCracken, the sixth grade science teacher at Skyview, started a project with his students where they would raise funds for a worthy organization in order to learn the value of good citizenship, which is the class theme.

The class was them tasked with the challenge of choosing a worthy organization. One of the students, Lauren Raquet suggested The Make a Wish Foundation, after learning of a 11-year old girl with cancer from Philadelphia named Kayla. The class all voted to choose her. Kayla’s wish is to go to Disney World.

The students are raising money by asking their fellow schoolmates “Estimate how much money Skyview can raise for the Make-A-Wish Foundation,” with an arrow pointing to a collection jar for the organization. Students can place money in the jar on the way to their classes. The whole school has been participating, including the teachers.

The sixth grade has raised $300 so far, half of their goal of $600. If you would like to help them reach their goal, I have included a link to Shawna Rondeau, who is the HSA President for Skyview Elementary School, as well as the main phone number for the school district. Let’s help them reach their goal!

Shawna Rondeau, President, Skyview Elementary HSA:

Skyview Upper Elementary School: 610-489-5000, x 34200


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