What to do When Mommy Gets Sick

28 Nov

sick mom

I am writing this as I am recovering from the flu. I have had this for over two weeks and have been miserable. Tis’ the season for coughing, sneezing, sore throats, fevers, aches, all the fun stuff winter brings, especially the flu. As Moms. we are all experts on taking care of our children when they are sick, but what do we do when we get sick? Who will manage the household without it falling into complete disarray?

Due to the severity of the flu strain that is going around this season, I urge everyone to please get a flu shot if you can. I have listed the link to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control)  and  found this article from Familiesonline Magazine that hopefully will help Moms when they fall ill. It offers some pretty good advice: http://www.familiesonlinemagazine.com/parenting/mom-sick.html

Here is the link to the CDC that shows where the Flu outbreak is severe, and links to more information about this year’s flu strain:


Take my poll: Are you getting a flu shot?


One Response to “What to do When Mommy Gets Sick”

  1. Amy Shields December 9, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    well when that happened to me on thanksgiving day at that… I have a great neighbor who took my kids for dinner… i was sick as a dog i felt horrible cause I couldnt cook for my family… But with cold us mothers just have to keep going men however die!!! That is why we are MOMs we are able to handle just about anything

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