How to Keep Your Children Safe Against Sexual Predators

25 Oct

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In light of two very high profile abduction cases,  Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster, CO and Autumn Pasquale of Clayton, NJ. I felt compelled to post some information for parents on how to protect their children from being abducted. What is even more frightening about these two cases is that both instances involved minor children hurting other children; in one case one of the suspects is only 15.

I hope by posting this parents will talk with their children about the danger of strangers. I think parents should also talk to their kids about using their judgement when around peers that they are not close to. If something doesn’t feel right to them (others asking them to go with them to a place), they should know to walk away. Luring unfortunately in today’s world isn’t always done by strangers, but by someone the victim knows.

I have posted some articles that hopefully will be helpful. Please keep Jessica, Autumn and all the other children who are missing or killed and their families in your thoughts.



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