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Go Away Sandy!

26 Oct

Hello everyone! As hurricane Sandy approaches, I wanted to post some information that is helpful. Everyone please stay safe and prepare. This storm means business!


Here is the link to the list of supplies  you need to be prepared:


Create a written emergency preparedness and action plan for your family and/or business.

  • Decide where to go if you’re at home, school, work, outdoors, or in a car when a hurricane or tropical storm threatens. Update these plans every school year and as places of employment and residence change.
  • Identify two places where you and your family members can meet if you are separated: one outside your home and another outside your neighborhood.
  • Learn how your local government handles emergencies by contacting your local American Red Cross chapter or local Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

Review your insurance coverage for your home and business

  • Speak with your insurance agent or provider to make sure you have the coverage you need.
  • Determine your flood insurance eligibility homeowners insurance typically does not cover flood damage.

Find out if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone by contacting your local emergency management office.

  • Make an evacuation plan if you live in an area vulnerable to storm surge or flooding.
  • Identify the evacuation route you will use if you are told to evacuate.
  • Research alternate routes, if possible.
  • Have current paper (hard-copy) maps on hand. (Don’t rely only on smartphones and mobile devices, as cellular networks may be down in your area during a storm.)
  • Alert friends and family members of your route and destination.
  • Fill your gas tank before the storm. Power outages can shut down gas stations.
  • Determine the nearest low-rise building outside of flood zones where you can evacuate an official public shelter, a hotel, or a friend’s or relative’s home.
  • Find out if where you’re going will accept pets.

Information about Insurance (including flood insurance)



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How to Keep Your Children Safe Against Sexual Predators

25 Oct

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In light of two very high profile abduction cases,  Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster, CO and Autumn Pasquale of Clayton, NJ. I felt compelled to post some information for parents on how to protect their children from being abducted. What is even more frightening about these two cases is that both instances involved minor children hurting other children; in one case one of the suspects is only 15.

I hope by posting this parents will talk with their children about the danger of strangers. I think parents should also talk to their kids about using their judgement when around peers that they are not close to. If something doesn’t feel right to them (others asking them to go with them to a place), they should know to walk away. Luring unfortunately in today’s world isn’t always done by strangers, but by someone the victim knows.

I have posted some articles that hopefully will be helpful. Please keep Jessica, Autumn and all the other children who are missing or killed and their families in your thoughts.


Sono (CT) Restaurant Week October 21-26, 2012

24 Oct

Restaurants will offer special 2 course lunch menus for either $9.99 or $14.99 and special multi-course dinner menus for either$19.99 or $29.99.

Please click below to find participating restaurants:



Teaching Our Kids the Importance of Voting

23 Oct

With Election Day 2012 a little over two weeks away, many children are hearing many things on TV, radio, billboards, and newspapers from those seeking public office, whether it be Local / Municipal, State, or Federal, many young children will have questions you will have to answer.

Discussing politics is a complex matter for adults, let alone children; so the question becomes “How do I help my child understand the election process in simple terms?”

I think much depends on the age and interest in the subject of the child. For older children, I suggest having them watch the debates on tv, or, after they see or hear a political ad ask them “what do you think of this ad?” to get the conversation started. As a parent, it is important to listen to what your children have to say on this subject, and not to belittle their opinions. Also, let them form their own opinions, and try not to force your views on them. I’m sure we all have had some relative that at some point tried to tell us what to do and we resented them for it.

As for younger children, there are books you can buy that can teach them in simple terms about the election process. On Election Day, take them with you to vote. Have them help you pull the lever for your family’s candidate and make sure they get an “I voted” sticker from an election official when leaving (if they are available ). On election  night, make it a party, put out snacks, invite people over so the little ones associate voting with something fun.

Most importantly, tell them about the importance of voting and making your voice heard! Below is an article that also provides some tips that are helpful. Happy voting!


Madison (NJ) Restaurant Week October 21-28, 2012

22 Oct

Sending Condolences to Jessica Ridgeway’s Family

15 Oct

If anyone would like to send condolences to Jessica’s Family I have posted the link below. Please pray there is justice for Jessica.


West Haven (CT) Restaurant Week October 15-21, 2012

15 Oct

Please click on the link below to find participating restaurants:

Fairfield Restaurant Week October 14-20, 2012

14 Oct


Please click on the link to find participating restaurants

Fire Prevention Week October 7-13

9 Oct

Sparky the Fire Dog

This week is Fire Prevention Week. Each year, many lives are saved by having a plan in place with your family so they know what to do in case of a fire. It is also a good time to check the batteries in your smoke detector to make sure they are working. One of the leading causes of fatalities from fire is no working smoke detector in the house. Please go to this link at Parents Magazine to learn more about having a family plan. The kids will love following along with Sparky the Fire Dog and helping with a family checklist!

Here’s the link:


Huntington Restaurant Week October 7-14, 2012

8 Oct


Click on the link to find participating restaurants in your area!

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