Snacking on the Cheap: Football!

21 Oct

Last Saturday was a big college football day at our house. Both my husband and I are big SEC football fans. Me, I’m a die-hard Georgia fan. My husband likes Arkansas. My daughter, she likes Georgia because UGA is cute. Georgia and Arkansas played last week. We made a last-minute decision to watch the game at home. We raced to get home before kickoff so we decided to just snack on what we had at home.

You can do a quick football spread on the cheap if you plan ahead and keep some basic staples in the house. The first thing I decided to do was make a potato chip platter with onion dip. I had eight bags of Snyder of Berlin Potato Chips. I had four different flavors, Original, Salt & Vinegar, Cheddar & Sour Cream and Honey BAR B-Q. I placed each flavor in a different section in my chip dish with the onion dip in the middle. It looked like this:


This was a great quick little treat that was easy to throw together and will not break the bank. Snyder’s of Berlin offer a new 2.75 oz package (which is what I used) at the cost of $1.49. A new nice feature to these bags is on the back of them, local places in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania are shown. Some locales featured include Ohiopyle Falls, The Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail, The Somerset Historical Center, and The Lower Humbert Bridge. They are also gluten-free. They were a hit with my family.


We also had some Farm Rich Smokehouse Pulled Pork BBQ with cole slaw which was also very reasonable.


Throw in a block of cheese and crackers and some soda and you can do a reasonable feast for around $30 for 4 people and full bellies!


The Crumbles Chronicles Giveaway!

28 Sep



NEW chapter book and contest! Narrated by the nervous rescue dog himself, The Crumbles Chronicles:
Battle of the Paper Bags is a hilarious and heartwarming story for kids 6+ who love dogs and comedy books. Send a photo of your dog doing something silly to Crumbles to enter. Contest open during October. The winner will be featured on The Crumbles Chronicles Facebook page. Winning family will also receive  a Crumbles “good dog” basket, featuring a book for your child plus yummy treats and a toy for your own dog.

Do Your Own Easy Oktoberfest

21 Sep


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Last night, my family debated what we should have for dinner. We talked about a few ideas, then I remembered that my daughter loves hot dogs. Rather than just making ordinary dogs, I decided to put a creative spin on it. With Fall around the corner and Oktoberfests all over the place, I decided we would make different varieties of hod dogs. My family loved the idea, so off to the supermarket we went. We picked up hot dogs, queso, regular salsa and mango salsa. Guacamole, onions, chili, sirracha, pickles, bacon as well as other ingredients. We picked up some pumpkin beer for Mom & Dad.




We had so much fun making our creations. We make cheese fries with salsa and chili too. We made so many concoctions by the time we were done we went through 2 packages of hot dogs! If you are looking for a great way to have fun on a Saturday night with the family and not spend a lot of money, this is a great way to do it!

I got a lot of my inspiration from the Dobbs Ferry Dawg House in Dobbs Ferry NY. We hope to visit them again soon!

Here is the link to their menu.



Encouraging your Children to Follow Their Dreams

23 Aug

It’s a Friday night and I am in bed with a raging sinus infection. For my amusement, I am surfing through You Tube looking for some good musical tunes to listen to. Having grown up in the suburbs of Philadelphia in the ’70’s, I am very happy to come across a clip of one of my favorite groups, Hall and Oates doing a cover of She Used to be My Girl by the O’Jays, another great Philly band. As I am watching this, I am just amazed at how great this video is, and how I feel bad that Hall & Oates have never really gotten the respect they deserve from the music world. Abandoned Luncheonette is my favorite album by them. When they were first starting out, they didn’t get a record deal right away. They met a guy named Tony Mattola, you know the guy who headed Sony Music, when he was just starting out. He saw their talent and got them a record deal, and the rest is history.

There is a point to my ramblings here. Through encouragement, Daryl Hall and John Oates achieved great success through lots of encouragement from their families to never give up on their dreams. They could have given up and said it’s too hard, I’m just going to be like everyone else and get a regular 9-5 job. They didn’t do that. They followed their dreams.

I come from a musically inclined family on my mother’s side. My grandmother sang opera. My grandfather played piano. As a child, I was always singing and dancing. I can remember riding around  with my grandfather on my father’s side in his country squire station wagon around the Main Line listening to WIP-AM, which at the time had a top 40 radio format. My dog Hansey, a dachshund, would slobber and bark along with me as we sang along in the car. I knew in my heart I always wanted to sing. As I got older, I performed in musicals for local theatres, as well as school plays in high school. By my junior year, I decided I wanted to go to school to sing in New York City. That was my dream. That dream was soon crushed.

When applying for schools, my father told me that pursuing a musical career was in his words, “Ridiculous. Why don’t you pursue something sensible, like a business degree. It’s too competitive. You’ll never make it”. Eventually, I gave in and got my business degree. I did well for myself. Then I got married and have a family. While I’m happy I had the career I did, I look back now but can’t help but wonder “what if…..”

My daughter has been blessed with my genes when it comes to singing. She chooses not to take advantage of it. I try to encourage her to sing with me on occasion, and whenever I am listening to a music video and singing too loud, she will come shut the door on me because I am too loud! I keep encouraging her in all her interests. She plays tennis and golf, and I always tell her to work hard at it because you can reach your dreams if you really want it. I don’t know where she wants to take the tennis or golf, or if maybe she might decide she does want to pursue a musical career, or she wants to be the next Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The point is she should know that the sky is the limit, and you should always reach for the stars. Anything is possible! That is my life lesson for tonight.

I will leave you with this great Hall & Oates  You Tube video I mentioned above.


The Dark Side of Crowd Funding and Social Media

10 Aug

This has to be the quickest investigative report on record.  As I had mentioned in my earlier blog post, I would be doing an experiment regarding crowd funding in light of recent stories of frivolous crowd funding sites where people had raised money for ridiculous causes.

I set up an account  I figured I’d post for a week, where I stated I was looking to buy a puppy for my daughter. I stated my case as to why I felt we were deserving. Please note my daughter is getting a dog no matter what as a graduation present this year, but I figured that was the most plausible cause I could think of. I tweeted out the link. Within the first hour of posting the link, I started receiving the most vile comments you could imagine. Some of the more benign comments such as “your kid is a spoiled brat” “rot in hell,  dog hater” that I hate rescue dogs I can post here. One that was particularly frightening and was the last straw, experiment or no, was that they knew where we lived and they would let their pit bull loose when they saw my daughter outside. My daughter has been in tears and wonders why someone would attack us in such a horrible way.

Needless to say, the site is being removed. This was only supposed to be a silly little experiment to see what would happen & if anything would be contributed to a worthwhile cause as opposed to an egg sandwich which to date has raised $540. I guess the lesson to be learned is my daughter now knows that sometimes the world is not a nice place. I told the breeder I have been working with about our ordeal. She told me she is not surprised at all. I just can’t wait until graduation, and the smile on my daughter’s face when she gets her puppy. She has been very patient (has waited 8 years)!


Why do you Donate to GoFundMe?

8 Aug

In light of all the recent publicity of high profile stories involving crowd funding sites such as and, I decided to do a little experiment of my own to see why people do or don’t donate to certain causes and others are overlooked.

Just today, I saw an article on how a man set up a Kickstarter site to save the egg sandwich in New York City. As Francisco Bernard from Fox 5 in New York states in his article, Joseph Checkler, who works for the Wall Street Journal does not like the way the egg sandwich is made in the city and wants to deliver instructions to restaurants on how to properly make the sandwich. As of 8/8, he has received 31 backers and has raised $470 for his cause. Here is the link to his site:

As an experiment, I decided to create my own site for my cause. My daughter has been asking me for a dog for years. We have done our research and have decided on a Vizsla. We have chosen this dog due to health reasons on my part. I have severe allergies and for those reasons I can not have a shelter dog. We considered it, but it is just not an option. For the past few years, I have been in two serious car accidents, and my husband’s appendix burst. We have had unbelievable medical bills to pay. For that reason, we have delayed getting her a dog. We have finally put some money aside and will get her the dog (hopefully as a graduation present this year), but I am posting this to see what will happen and to see if people will contribute. It will be a sacrifice for us to get the dog, but it is so important that we do it.

Here is the link to my site:

I will post results as they come in. Please feel free to tell us your thoughts!


July Newsletter

28 Jul



Hello Everyone!

We hope everyone is enjoying this great summer weather!

This month has been an exciting one for us. We have had the opportunity to travel to many great places and explore. We had a great time in the Berkshires, Hudson Valley, the New Jersey and Delaware shore, the Connecticut coastline. We hope to get down to the Chesapeake area before the summer is over, and are planning a trip to the Cape in the fall. We have been busy!

With that said, let me tell you about how we have grown! We continue to increase our visibility in our newest markets of Richmond, Virginia Beach, North Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Our reach is around 90,000 moms at this point, and growing. As a new feature of our site, I have renewed my blog and have added it. We are constantly adding new listings to our Events as well as our Places to Visit pages. We are constantly adding new recipes and mom topics as well. If there is something you would like to see, please let us know!

Finally, as a promotion, we are offering a Buy One, Get One Free offer for sponsorship through August. Please email us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

We wish everyone a happy and safe rest of the summer!

Best Regards,

Heather Schlichting


The Mom Connection 

A Mom’s Guide to Surviving Summer Camp

7 Jul

I am sure we have all been there. There are some kids that enjoy going to summer camp, and then, there are those who would much rather sit in the AC all day in bed, on their I Pad and watch TV. Mine falls into that category……

This morning we started summer camp for the first time in two years. I decided to give my then 12 year old a break last year and let her do her thing, which was a tennis league, which worked out well. That wasn’t an option this year, so camp it was. I decided to make it easy on her; 1/2 days, with mostly swimming in the morning. How could that NOT be fun, especially when it’s hot outside? Boy, was I mistaken!

Mom to Child: 8:00 AM-time to get up.


This went on for about 10 minutes before I had to call my husband and he tried to convince the sleepy lazy child she would INDEED have FUN if she went to camp. Finally, after much pleading which eventually turned to bribery, the child was dressed, packed and ready to go.

Upon arrival at the camp, we greeted other parents with their children, and before I knew it, I was told to “get lost”. Later in the day, I arrived to pick her up. I got there a little early to spy on her and asked the counselors how she was doing. “She’s having a blast! She’s very funny!”  

Eventually she saw me and at first gave me the “I’m so mortified you’re here” look, but admitted that she was glad she came. She will be going for a few weeks here and there in between mini-trips, and I am sure she will have a great time!

The moral of the story is stick with your guns. Sometimes kids are afraid of the unknown, especially if they are going to a camp where they won’t know anyone. Tell them to try-if they are really miserable, by all means maybe give in, but tell them to give new adventures a chance. They might find out they like it!





The Blog is Back!

7 Jul

I know….. it’s been awhile. But we are starting up the blog feature of my site again, just to keep things interesting! Keep checking back here for interesting articles!

Triaminic and Theraflu Product Recall

1 Feb



Per CNN:

Triaminic Syrups and Theraflu Warming Relief Syrups for cough, colds and fevers were voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer, Novartis Consumer Health, because the cap could still be removed by a child even with the tamper-resistant seal in place.

Affected bottles were distributed between May 24, 2010 and December 21, 2011. For more information please click below:

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